Porbandar Tour

Location : On the south coast of Saurashtra, Gujarat
Trip Highlights : Sightseeing
Ideal time to visit : October to March
Languages : Gujarati, Hindi & English
STD Code : 0286

Porbandar is a small port town that is connected with India's history through its association with Mahatma Gandhi. Porbandar in Gujarat is famous for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. The home of Gandhiji's childhood, known by the name of Kirti Mandir is one major attraction of the place. Kasturba Gandhi, Gandhiji's wife, was also born in Porbandar. A chronological history on the life of the Mahatma is listed in the museum at Kirti Mandir. Today, Porbandar is also an industrial town with cement and chemical units. Besides, it has a fine beach and beautiful villas on the seacoast.
Major Tourist Destinations in Porbandar
Kirti Mandir
Kirthi Mandir, the birth-place of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is the main centre of attraction for the tourists. It was built by Shri Nanji Kalidas and Shri Purushottam Mistry.
Tara Mandir (Planetarium)
All celestial bodies like stars and planets are projected scientifically by special effect movies on an overhead round screen in a theatre and explained elaborately to the joy of the viewers.

Porbandar’s coastal line is just half a kilometre away from the city. Popularly known as Chowpatty, it is one of the main attractions for the local population as well as tourists, to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the year.

Bharat Mandir
Pictures, sculptures and symbols and portraying Indian culture and religion have been exhibited in this place. It is the mirror of Indian tradition.
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